Ready To Become A Phlebotomist?

A career in Phlebotomy is a very rewarding one that doesn’t require spending years and tens of thousands of dollars to get qualified.  If you have 6 months for class, training and passing one exam then you too can become a phlebotomist.  Today, Nick from will discuss a good strategy for anyone wanting to get into the healthcare field.

The first suggestion I have is to do a little research online.  Who offers Phlebotomy courses? Can you take them online or is it mandatory to get your training in person?  Most states will allow you to take your studies online but all states that offer an accredited program will require you to take your clinical studies in person.  Obviously its pretty hard to draw blood over the internet!

Next, after you decide where and how you want to get your training you’ll need to enroll.  The course itself should be fairly easy.

After you pass the course you’ll need to start building up your clinical hours.  Most states require that you successfully draw blood a certain amount of times before you are able to take your final exam.

The final exam is a test you take to show your new found knowledge of Phlebotomy.  Once you pass this you’ll be certified and you can look for a job anywhere!!

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