Crash Course In Becoming a Cement Worker

Too many individuals focus on making sure everyone goes to a four year university to work in corporate america.  Because of this mind set we are set to have an extreme shortage of tradesmen and tradeswomen in future years.  In an economy where every job is extremely competitive it is a good idea to get the appropriate training to join the trade workforce.  This specific post is written by Plan Concrete, a local Minneapolis Concrete Contractor that knows first hand the value they offer in creating custom driveways and other concrete and asphalt related projects.  Below the knowledgable experts from Plan Concrete explain the values of being a concrete worker.


Are you in a situation where you can dedicate four years or more of your life chasing a piece of paper? No? A career in the trades or concrete in specific can be a quick way to gain useful skills for a career that is in demand.  A full time concrete worker can make north of $30,000 which is impressive given education is cheap and you can start with relatively no experience.

Avoid The Dreaded Desk

We realize that some people like sitting in a desk all day but many individuals in “the trade” would like to avoid sitting in a desk at all times.  A career as a trained individual working with cement and asphalt involves being outside in the elements and enjoying the beautiful weather offered each and every day.

Simply Economics

As more of the “baby boomers” start to retire individuals with trade experience will be in extreme demand.  This will only drive up the prices of their services and the amount of money they make.  This is in part to the rush for four year college degrees and the lack of effort and pride in tradework in this upcoming generation.

Joining the workforce early and building seniority is key.  If you enjoy working with your hands, love the outside elements and take pride in doing a good days work then look into a career as a cement and asphalt contractor.


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