Building A Career From Knitting Beanies

This post is dedicated to my personal story on becoming an online entrepreneur.  It all started by taking a hobby of mine (knitting beanie hats) and then recognizing a demand for the product. I have been knitting scarfs, sweaters, and beanie caps for as long as I can remember.  It all started by spending too much time with my grandmother but that’s a completely different story.  Anytime I became stressed or simply had some free time I would take some yarn and begin knitting away fun little projects.  It wasn’t uncommon for friends and family to receive one of these

Becoming a Athletic Shoe Designer (Nike, Reebok, Jordans etc)

Too often “shoe designers” get the bad stigma that all they do is draw up and create high heals and other women’s shoes.  What about mens shoes, basketball sneakers (hear about Air Jordan Shoes??) or other non “show” shoes.  A lot of talent goes into designing these shoes as it does the high heals and other women’s apparel that tend to steal the spotlight. If you are interested in becoming a shoe designer its important to exercise your creative side.  Almost anyone can be taught the process to engineer and create but if you can’t come up with a solid

Creative Careers That Pay Over $50,000 Per Year!

Do you have a creative streak in you? Then we’re sure you must have considered a career that uses this skill of yours to the fullest. But how many times have you been told by well-meaning friends and family that creativity and money seldom go together? While this may be true for some occupations in the creative field, there are also quite a few well-paying ones. Here’s a look at some creative careers that pay over $50,000 per year. Art Directors   Median 2010 pay = $80,630 per year What could be more creative than planning an entire art design,

Become a shoe or boot designer

Have you ever wondered what it would take to design a shoe or boot for retail sale?  It’s not an easy career and it definitely requires skill and talent outside of any formal training you can receive from school.  However, if your passionate about design or clothing (accessories) it can be a very exciting career. When looking to become a shoe or boot designer it is a good idea to start creating a sketch pad of ideas ASAP.  Even if you decide to enroll into a fashion school it will still be a great idea to keep a notebook full

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