Career as an Online Entrepreneur

Ever wondered if you would cut it out as an online entrepreneur?  Many individuals own websites that sell physical products that they either make themselves or buy and resell at a higher price.   Some websites generate income without even selling a physical product.  They are able to offer advice, tips or consulting over the internet.  Other forms of income generated through websites involve direct advertising or even lead generations that other companies can purchase from you.  Below is an example of one website that offers advertising for companies that sell bed comforters.  This website doesn’t sell the comforters directly but makes money from the ads displayed on their website.

Advertising Online is an information website built for people looking for information and eventually purchasing a king sized comforter for their bed.  The highlight of this website is that they offer advice for finding a good deal without having to give up quality or comfort.  Because this website offers great information and they have relevant advertising it only makes sense that people who visit the website would have an interest in purchasing.  It’s a win / win for the site owner and the visitor looking for valuable information — in this case comforter sets.

Lead Generation

Another way to become an effective online entrepreneur is to collect information from your sites visitors and sell it to companies.  No, we’re not talking about personal data but information that visitors willingly give in order to receive more information.  Car insurance is a great example of a lead generation website.  Take the new jersey based auto insurance site  They target all sorts of cities and counties for the state of New Jersey with the goal of their websites visitors to fill out a ‘more information’ type form.

Once these forms are filled out the website is able to offer this information up to insurance companies that are willing to buy them at a wholesale price and then offer their services to each individual who requested more information.   Lead generation websites can be a little more difficult to run but when done right can not only generate a solid income but also a great service to all parties involved.

Is Life As an Entrepreneur For You?

Some people like working for “the man” while others are born to call their own shots.  Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be a physical business with tangible items.  Look at eBay, they started out as a website seeking information for pez dispensers.  Before you know it – it was a valuable online shopping tool no worth multi-billions of dollars!  Everything starts off as an idea. Do you have the next “big” idea??

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