Building A Career From Knitting Beanies

This post is dedicated to my personal story on becoming an online entrepreneur.  It all started by taking a hobby of mine (knitting beanie hats) and then recognizing a demand for the product.

I have been knitting scarfs, sweaters, and beanie caps for as long as I can remember.  It all started by spending too much time with my grandmother but that’s a completely different story.  Anytime I became stressed or simply had some free time I would take some yarn and begin knitting away fun little projects.  It wasn’t uncommon for friends and family to receive one of these as a gift for a birthday or for Christmas.  I never thought anything of it until one day where my sister gave my phone number to a couple of her friends who called and asked if I would be willing to knit a few items to sell.  I figured, what the heck, who can’t use a few extra bucks.

After the first few orders I still enjoyed knitting and the extra cash was really coming in handy.  I put up a few ads on craigslist and a few more orders came rolling through.  I even completed about 20 various beanie hats and hat success selling them on EBAY.  At this point I finally decided to make this hobby into a money making machine.  I started by having a website built.  The first one built was

Cowboy Boots? Why cowboy boots?  I noticed a trend of young men wearing beanie hats everywhere I went.  Beanies were no longer a cold weather hat but now a fashionable accessory.  The best part is that beanies are very easy to make and aren’t very time consuming.  I could knit a single hat in less than an hour which costs me less than $5 and then I could turn around and sell them for about $10.00.  The more complicated the beanie hat (pattern or color) the more I could charge.

Finally, after about a year of running an EBAY store, friendly referrals and the various knitting websites I set up I was able to generate enough income to stop working.  My husband always worked full time and I always wanted a way to stay home with the children.  Building a career out of a hobby of mine was a win / win situation.  I enjoy what I do every day and I get to make a decent income from it.  Talk about an amazing career!


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