About FitzRecruiters.com

Fitzrecruiters.com is under new ownership and is now primarily an online resource for recruiting and career advice.  You will find that many blog posts will be added in order to share career related information with this websites readers.

The Original Mission:

Mr. Fitzhugh O’Neill (now active member of Insurance in Baltimore council) brings to recruiting over twenty years of experience in both private industry and government. After graduating from Eastern Michigan University, he was hired as the Assistant Treasurer for the National Sanitation Foundation. While there, he computerized the company, and was responsible for managing the certification review process.

FitzRuiters.com will not acquire resumes that are listed on the Internet or through advertisement in news papers.  Our candidates are not job hoppers or job shoppers.  They go to work every day with their heads down.  Happy in their job and self actualizing.  They get along with authority, have a stable family life and are not looking for another job.  Our Associates will approach them with your opportunity, get them interested and acquire their resume.  They are interested in leveraging their careers, making a difference and working with new technological challenges

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