Career as an Online Entrepreneur

Ever wondered if you would cut it out as an online entrepreneur?  Many individuals own websites that sell physical products that they either make themselves or buy and resell at a higher price.   Some websites generate income without even selling a physical product.  They are able to offer advice, tips or consulting over the internet.  Other forms of income generated through websites involve direct advertising or even lead generations that other companies can purchase from you.  Below is an example of one website that offers advertising for companies that sell bed comforters.  This website doesn’t sell the comforters directly

5 alternative development & analytical software programs to master

As a developer/analyst, you probably have little time to keep refreshing your skills.  If you accept that the current world of development is 80% legacy and 20% aspiration, at some point your skills will need updating and more than likely diversifying. Whilst there are obviously “go-to” or “hot” development & analytical programs; the employment market for which are becoming more and more saturated – think C++, Java, Python, SQL, PHP and Perl.  There are still a number of programs which whilst mainstream provide better than average employment opportunities. Our aim with this article is to highlight 5 of these less competitive

Crash Course In Becoming a Cement Worker

Too many individuals focus on making sure everyone goes to a four year university to work in corporate america.  Because of this mind set we are set to have an extreme shortage of tradesmen and tradeswomen in future years.  In an economy where every job is extremely competitive it is a good idea to get the appropriate training to join the trade workforce.  This specific post is written by Plan Concrete, a local Minneapolis Concrete Contractor that knows first hand the value they offer in creating custom driveways and other concrete and asphalt related projects.  Below the knowledgable experts from

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